The Science

  • When we want to make changes, why do we find it so hard? Why do we never have enough willpower?

  • We live much of our life on autopilot. In fact most of us tend to only use 1/10 of our personality. The other 9/10ths are just gathering dust.

  • We have around 30 behaviours we could use. Habits means we stick to just a few. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed, unhappy or stressed.

  • If we increase the number of behaviours we can use, we're better equipped to cope with any situation. We can change almost anything...

  • Do Something Different makes that happen. The Do's you receive will help you to explore new behaviours and make positive changes.

  • Do something different... get something different. Be more effective. More in control. Happier and less stressed.

Increasing Behavioural Flexibility

We all have comfort zones. A web of habits and familiar behaviours. Some of these are good, helping us to keep safe or stay well. But many are limiting, stopping us realising our full potential. Do Something Different helps you to push your personal comfort zone. To experience new behaviours. To become more behaviourally flexible. That helps you to adapt to different situations, to be more comfortable with new challenges and to embrace change.

Change what you do, not what you think

Most behaviour change programmes tell you what you should be doing. Then you're expected to make it happen. This programme turns that on its head. You make it happen first. Then you think about it. By doing something different, you get different outcomes. You find yourself doing new things. It doesn't require willpower because the changes are small. But each one is designed to be psychologically powerful, so the small changes lead to big differences.

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