Spreading happiness,
one Do at a time

At last, scientists are starting to discover what really makes us happy. And now you can put it into action. The brightest minds at Action for Happiness and Do Something Different have come together to create Do Happiness, designed to bring all the good stuff we know about happiness directly into your life.

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Would you like to be happier? (most people would)

When asked, most people say that they would rather have more happiness than more wealth.* And yet so few of us deliberately spend time developing our own happiness. Do Happiness is a unique online programme that sends you special positive actions designed to boost your own happiness and help make others around you happier too.

* Results from a nationally-representative YouGov poll of adults in the UK by Action for Happiness.


  • Small positive actions
  • Tailored to your life
  • Crafted by psychologists
  • Boosting happiness
  • Rewarding and fun


increase in feeling good
about who I am.


more able to bounce
back from problems.


increase in noticing the
good things in life.

Bring more happiness into your life

Do Happiness unites Action for Happiness’ 10 Keys to Happier Living with Do Something Different’s proven change approach, from top psychologists Professors Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher. It recognises that knowing what makes us happy isn’t enough. We have to do it. This is a simple, fun way of putting happiness at the top of your to-do list. Why not start your happiness journey today?


  1. Feel good about yourself
  2. Connect more
  3. Target your goals
  4. Be positive
  5. Have fun
How it works

"Since surviving a massive stroke I have suffered depression and low mood. In combination with talking therapy, Do Happiness has finally banished the low mood and I am feeling like myself again."

Do Happiness Do-er

"Wow, how surprising these weeks were for me! They were kind of magic. Why? Well the program showed me that I can trust this inner voice. This is a great experience!" (Sorry for my English, I'm from Austria and haven't practised for a long time...)

Do Happiness Do-er

"The best programme/course I have ever done! Truly, It has made loads of difference to me and my family are so curious about the changes they want to join in. Thank you."

Do Happiness Do-er