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We want to inspire millions of people to do something different. We want to take them out of their comfort zones and launch them on a new path through life. We want to make the world a better place, one Do at a time.


A Conscious

Do Something Different is a Conscious Business.¬†We make decisions as people first, and as a business second. We’re building an organisation that makes a difference by being fair and transparent. With our Buy It Now programmes, everyone who buys a place, funds one for someone who can’t afford it.

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May 2016

Debt and Mental Illness

Join our very own Prof Ben (C) Fletcher for a Webinar on Tackling Mental Health at Work –

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Celebrating the #readybusinessmentor wrap-up, our @rayrich sums up our journey

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April 2016

Prevention is better than cure. Can digital improve the health of a nation?

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